DOLE - standard Fruit company de costa Rica S.A.

Rescue and relocation from banana plantations

Costa Rica

Dole’s initiative seeks to rescue the honey bees (Apis mellifera) that build swarms or combs in the banana plantations in Limón, in order not only to protect their collaborators but also to preserve the pollinators by capturing them and releasing them into nearby ecosystems.
At the same time they are seeking to support Api-Agriculture, a local organisation that is a pioneer in bee protection and environmental education.

Bees are one of the most important species for their ecosystem services of pollination and the company is committed to their protection by including them in this project:

  • Extending the rescue of hives by transferring Api-AgricuItura’s knowledge to Dole staff and community members.
  • Increase Api-AgricuItura’s capacity to rescue bees with new technology.
  • Educate children and young people in the region about the importance of pollinators for biodiversity.
  • Document the rescues in a scientific way.