Capacity Building

IKI CAP Training

Web-Seminar on biodiversity in banana and pineapple cultivation

The Del Campo al Plato project offers comprehensive awareness raising and training for different target groups. The trainings are implemented with a focus on Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Companies along the banana and pineapple value chain, also from Germany and Europe, are welcome to request these trainings for their own producers or partners in the producing countries.

Training of trainers (ToT)

Training of extension workers and other agricultural experts in the use of the Biodiversity Check Agricola (BCA) as a tool to improve the protection and promotion of biodiversity on farms.

Target audience: Agricultural advisors, persons in charge of cooperatives.

Awareness-raising workshops for farmers

Raising awareness among agricultural producers on the importance and benefits of ecosystem services related to biodiversity within agriculture and the surrounding production areas.

Target group: Agricultural producers

Awareness-raising workshops for employees of agricultural enterprises

Raise awareness among agricultural production staff on the importance and benefits of ecosystem services related to biodiversity.

Target audience: employees of agricultural enterprises.

Virtual course for agricultural advisors: Nature Based Solutions

Introduction to the topic “Nature Based Solutions to increase biodiversity in pineapple and banana production”. Virtual course consisting of four modules for training multipliers to acquire and refresh knowledge for cooperation and information with farmers.

Target group: Agricultural extension workers

All trainings are offered in Spanish. Other languages are available on request (German, English). More detailed information and PPT can be found on the Spanish language page.

If you are interested, please contact in Germany/Europe

Dr. Thomas Schaefer,

Or directly to

Conclusions of the participants:

Relationship between Biodiversity, Agriculture and the Agrifood Sector

“The information is very good and the studies and statistics presented are very useful to give an idea of the importance of improving productive activities in harmony with nature.”

Leimin Diaz Campos, Del Monte

“Very good information motivates us to integrate the topic of biodiversity into different parts of the agricultural chain. It is important that these issues reach consumers.”

Lila Flores Larios.
GIZ consultant in Honduras, in a natural resource management project

Biodiversity management on farms 

“The loss of biodiversity has a negative impact on two of the largest goods we producers have, namely soil and water.”

Adrian Rodrtguez, Varela Managing Director of Coopepiha R.L.

“Biodiversity conservation measures must go beyond the farm and relate to the landscape level. In our case, we participate in initiatives with biological corridors, especially in San Juan – La Selva.”

Ana Laura Masis,
Chiquita Brand Costa Rica


Biodiversity Check Agrícola: una herramienta para la acción

“Una herramienta que permite identificar y conocer sobre BPAs y la contribución de la biodiversidad en la agricultura.”

Juan Jose Benites,
Del Monte 

LL Muchas gracias por su gran dedicación, fue muy sustancioso. Promover la importancia que tiene la sostenibilidad es la mejor inversión.”

Juan Miguel Hernantles Mejia

Relationship between Biodiversity, Agriculture and the Agrifood Sector

“The concepts in this course will allow us to update our knowledge and apply it in the projects and policy instruments we work with.” 

Pedro Coss Sanz
Adaptation Analyst for the National Council for Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism. 

“We must contemplate ecosystem care as part of agricultural production, because it helps us to maintain the ideal conditions for sustainable production.” 

Mónica María González Sánchez
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Costa Rica  

Biodiversity Check Agrícola: una herramienta para la acción 

“The Agricultural Biodiversity Check is not a certification, it is a tool to determine the current situation of the agribusiness sector in relation to biodiversity and generates the process of dialogue that leads to the voluntary implementation of continuous improvements aimed at the integration of biodiversity in the management of companies”.

Monica Maria Gonzales
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Costa Rica

Biodiversity management on farms

“Producers are taking measures to protect water and its quality by planting species that help production and contain tributaries (…). Planting species of flora that provide food for pollinators, birds, and endangered species, brings natural pest and disease controllers to the fields”. 

Juan Pablo Retana Miranda
Association of Bioecological Producers 

Agricultural practices to enhance biodiversity

“We do an annual crop rotation with pineapple, it is highly recommended to use certain leguminous plants to incorporate nitrogen into the soil and species that repel certain pests. 

Juan Pablo Retana
Association of Organic Ecological Producers

Biodiversity Check Agricola: a tool for action 

“The application of the BCA on our farm went very smoothly, we visited all areas of interest on the farm: pineapple production plots and forested areas. The consultants were very professional and the Biodiversity Check Agrícola application visit was a success.”

Stefan Trueb Garcia
Rancho Carlos S.R.L, Dominican Republic