How to get involved

How can companies participate in the project?

  1. Analysis of biodiversity performance: Using an established method, experts from Global Nature Fund and Lake Constance Foundation evaluate procurement guidelines and criteria catalogues for banana and pineapple cultivation from standards and companies with regard to the five most important drivers of biodiversity conservation. The results of 15 national and international sustainability standards are summarized in a report and discussed with the companies/standards with the aim of identifying possible improvements with regard to the consideration of biodiversity in the criteria catalogues. Other companies and standards are invited to participate in this process. The analysis is free of charge and confidential within the project.


  1. Sector Initiative for Biodiversity: In all three project countries – Germany, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic – round tables have been set up to work on common solutions for biodiversity conservation. The main objective is to define a basic set of criteria and cooperate on integrating biodiversity into agricultural value chains. Participation in these round tables is free of charge and is subject to the usual rules of non-competition.


  1. Consumer Awareness Campaign: In Germany, measures are being implemented to raise consumer awareness of increased biodiversity in tropical fruit supply chains. Within the project, materials are being developed that can be used by companies in the food industry. There will be a selection of materials that can be used for marketing at the point of sale and in social and other media. Representatives of standards and companies are invited to work with us to develop tailor-made solutions for their companies.


  1. Participation in practical measures to preserve biodiversity on pilot farms: Farms in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic can apply for an ideas competition with project ideas for more biodiversity in cultivation and beyond and receive technical support and materials.



  1. Participation in the implementation of interconnecting corridors in cultivation areas: Biodiversity is already under threat in the producing countries. Therefore, concrete measures for nature conservation in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic are part of this project. To finance these measures, companies are invited to participate financially and actively in the implementation. The idea behind the approach is that the beneficiaries of the ecosystem services that are available free of charge to agriculture participate in their conservation through a financial contribution. Financial support from companies can be provided in various ways, and different models are being developed for this purpose.


Please contact us if you would like to participate in the project.

What has been implemented so far

15 national and international food standards were examined with regard to their criteria for biodiversity. The results are summarized in a baseline report. All standards received individual feedback with recommendations for improving the criteria. In a stakeholder process with stakeholders in Germany, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, recommendations for criteria have been developed and published in a brochure.