Chiquita Brands Costa Rica S.R.L.

Project: Monitoring and protection of wildlife in the Nogal Private Wildlife Refuge and the Nogal-La Selva Biological Corridor

With this initiative, Chiquita Brands Costa Rica S.R.L. seeks to strengthen the actions carried out since 2004 for the creation of the Local Biological Corridor Nogal-La Selva in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, which include the planting of more than 20 thousand trees and the biological connection of 600 hectares around the company’s banana farms.

Part of the activities within this proposal are

  • Monitoring the fauna present in the Biological Corridor. To date, a total of 339 species have been inventoried, but it is hoped that this monitoring will help to identify other species.
  • Development of a technical sheet on mechanisms to identify types of fauna and protection measures.
  • Design of a protocol on control and protection measures, useful both for those working in the reserve and for outsiders