The Biodiversity-Check-Agricola examines the effects of pineapple and banana cultivation on biodiversity

Upala Agrícola S.A. is a Costa Rican company focused on the production of MD2 Golden pineapple that through the Agricultural Biodiversity Check tool was able to identify measures to enhance biodiversity.


Inventory of the flora:

They determined the native species on the farm and are working on collecting seeds of these species for the nursery.

Waste management:


To solve the problems associated with stubble as waste, it is crushed and reincorporated as organic matter into the soil.

Internal and external connectivity routes:

With the help of a drone they identified areas of ecological importance
to create a biological corridor within the farm.

Mapping of pro-biodiversity areas:

They identified areas with ecological importance and restricted productive areas only to zones with low environmental vulnerability.

The implementation of these measures supports the actions of the Del Campo al Plato program to contribute to the achievement of the Aichi goals. Specifically, goal 7 focuses on the sustainable management of areas used for agriculture to guarantee the conservation of biological diversity.