The Biodiversity-Check-Agricola examines the effects of pineapple and banana cultivation on biodiversity

The company Mp-Cuper is part of the Association of Pineapple Producers of Monte Plaza (ASOPROPIMOPLA in the Dominican Republic, which though the used of the tool Biodiversity Check Agricola, identifies which measures can be implemented to enhance biodiversity.

Identification of wild areas:

Sensibilization of the collaborators to avoid the disposal of solid waste in their forest:

 Lungs of the farm.

Conservation initiatives:

creation of links with local programs of CEDAF; reforestation with cocoa (Theobroma cacao) in mitigation areas of forest, lungs of the farm.

Wildlife structures:

Installation of insect hotels in the forest areas and bird perches in the production sites to benefit from the biological control provided by those species.

Politics of biodiversity:

analysis of the environmental legislation in the Dominican Republic, in order to incorporate into the company’s strategy the aspects related to sustainable agricultural production.

The implementation of these measures supports the actions of the Del Campo al Plato (From Farm to Fork) program to contribute to the achievement of the Aichi goals. Specifically the goal 7, which calls for the sustainable management of areas for the conservation of biological diversity.